* Symmetrical 4-Rib pattern* Advanced tread compound* Circumfertial center channel and extended lateral grooves* Tread block siping* High rigidity construction


* Provides superior ride and stability* Enhances water performance* Provide superior water evacuation* Enhances ride comfort and reduces noise* Supports high speed handling capabilities


Tire Specifications

Current Size
Product CodeDisplay NameLoad RatingSpeed RatingSidewallPly RatingUTQGLoad  Capacity¹Maximum  Inflation²Mileage Warranty
5514042215/55R16 SUMIC GT55A93HBLK 400 A B143351 
¹ Load capacity in pounds (lbs)  |  ² Maximum inflation pressure in PSI
Other Available Sizes
Product CodeDisplay NameLoad RatingSpeed RatingSidewallPly RatingUTQGLoad  Capacity¹Maximum  Inflation²Mileage Warranty
1114006P175/70R13 SUMIC GT 7082T  320 A B103651 
5514000175/70R13 SUMIC GT70A82SBLK 400 A B104744 
1114007P185/70R13 SUMIC GT7085TBLK 320 A B135644 
1114003P155/80R13 SUMIC GT8079SBLK 300 A B95951 
1114004P165/80R13 SUMIC GT8083SBLK 300 A B106951 
5514024185/60R14 SUMIC GT60A82HBLK 400 A B104751 
1114051P185/60R14 SUMIC GT 6082H  300 A A104751 
1114052P195/60R14 SUMIC GT 6085H  300 A A113551 
5514026195/60R14 SUMIC GT60A85HBLK 400 A B116851 
1114031P175/65R14 SUMIC GT 6581H  300 A A101951 
5514012175/65R14 SUMIC GT65A82HBLK 400 A B104751 
5514014185/65R14 SUMIC GT65A86HBLK 400 A B116851 
1114032P185/65R14 SUMIC GT 6585T  320 A B112451 
1114033P195/65R14 SUMIC GT6588HBLK 300 A A123551 
1114011P175/70R14 SUMIC GT7084SBLK 320 A B110251 
1114012P185/70R14 SUMIC GT 7087T  320 A B120151 
5514002185/70R14 SUMIC GT70A88SBLK 400 A B123544 
5514004195/70R14 SUMIC GT70A91SBLK 400 A B135644 
1114013P195/70R14 SUMIC GT 7090T  320 A B131251 
1114014P205/70R14 SUMIC GT 7093T  320 A B143351 
5514006205/70R14 SUMIC GT70A95SBLK 400 A B152144 
1114065P195/50R15 SUMIC GT5081HBLK 300 A A101951 
1114061P195/60R15 SUMIC GT 6087H  300 A A119051 
5514028195/60R15 SUMIC GT60A88HBLK 400 A B123551 
5514030205/60R15 SUMIC GT60A91HBLK 400 A B135651 
1114062P205/60R15 SUMIC GT 6090H  300 A A130151 
1114063P215/60R15 SUMIC GT 6093H  300 A A141151 
5514032215/60R15 SUMIC GT60A94HBLK 400 A B147751 
5514060175/65R15 SUMIC GT-A84HBSW 400 A A11025140000
1114041P185/65R15 SUMIC GT 6586T  320 A B116851 
5514016185/65R15 SUMIC GT65A88HBLK 400 A B123551 
5514018195/65R15 SUMIC GT65A91HBLK 400 A B135651 
1114042P195/65R15 SUMIC GT 6589T  320 A B127951 
1114043P205/65R15 SUMIC GT 6592T  320 A B140051 
5514020205/65R15 SUMIC GT65A94HBLK 400 A B147751 
5514022215/65R15 SUMIC GT65A96HBLK 400 A B156551 
1114044P215/65R15 SUMIC GT 6595T  320 A B151051 
1114024P205/70R15 SUMIC GT 7095T  320 A B149951 
5514008205/70R15 SUMIC GT70A96SBLK 400 A B156544 
5514010215/70R15 SUMIC GT70A98SBLK 400 A B165344 
1114025P215/70R15 SUMIC GT 7097T  320 A B162051 
5514062195/50R16 SUMIC GT-A84VBSW 400 A A11025140000
5514046205/50R16 SUMIC GT50A87HBLK 400 A B120151 
5514048225/50R16 SUMIC GT50A92HBLK 400 A B138951 
1114084P225/50R16 SUMIC GT 5091H  400 A A136751 
1114086P245/50R16 SUMIC GT 5096H  400 A A157651 
5514050245/50R16 SUMIC GT50A97HBLK 400 A B160951 
1114080P205/55R16 SUMIC GT 6089H  400 A A127951 
5514040205/55R16 SUMIC GT55A91HBLK 400 A B135651 
5514044225/55R16 SUMIC GT55A95HBLK 400 A B152125 
5514034205/60R16 SUMIC GT60A92HBLK 400 A B138951 
5514036215/60R16 SUMIC GT60A95HBLK 400 A B152151 
1114073P215/60R16 SUMIC GT 6094H  400 A A147751 
1114074P225/60R16 SUMIC GT 6097H  400 A A160951 
5514038225/60R16 SUMIC GT60A98HBLK 400 A B165351 
5514056205/65R16 SUMIC GT-A95HBSW 400 A A15215140000
5514058225/65R16 SUMIC GT-A100TBSW 400 A B17644440000
5514052215/50R17 SUMIC GT50A91VBLK 400 A B135651 
5514054225/50R17 SUMIC GT50A94VBLK 400 A B147751 
5514064225/45R18 XL SUMIC GT-A95VBSW 400 A A15215040000
¹ Load capacity in pounds (lbs)  |  ² Maximum inflation pressure in PSI

Sumic GT