All-Season Passenger Car / Minivan tire.


* IntelliSipe™ technology maximizes the number of sipes within the tire * MaxTouch Construction™ combined with the interlocking action of Michelin’s IntelliSipe™ technology provides exceptional tread block rigidity * Interlocking action of IntelliSipe™ technology creates a more rigid tread block, allowing for a reduced starting tread depth * Some sizes will have the "XT" sidewall marking = Defender XT tread design * 80,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (H/T-Rated) * Standard Limited Warranty (All MICHELIN® tires)


* Exceptional grip and confident braking* Delivers impressively long wear life* Optimizes contact with the road during acceleration, braking and cornering* Lower rolling resistance - saves on fuel without sacrificing safetly or longevity


Tire Specifications

Current Size
Product CodeDisplay NameLoad RatingSpeed RatingSidewallPly RatingUTQGLoad  Capacity¹Maximum  Inflation²Mileage Warranty
05615205/60R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)92TBSW 820 A B13894490000
¹ Load capacity in pounds (lbs)  |  ² Maximum inflation pressure in PSI
Other Available Sizes
Product CodeDisplay NameLoad RatingSpeed RatingSidewallPly RatingUTQGLoad  Capacity¹Maximum  Inflation²Mileage Warranty
19761175/70R13 DEFENDER (GREEN X)82TBSW 820 A B10474490000
04884175/70R13 DEFENDER (GREEN X)82TBSW 820 A B10474490000
77497175/65R14 DEFENDER GREEN X82TBSW 820 A B 090000
03156175/65R14 DEFENDER (GREEN X)82TBSW 820 A B10474490000
10280185/65R14 DEFENDER (GREEN X)86TBSW 820 A B11684490000
14302185/65R14 DEFENDER86TBSW 820 A B11684490000
02948185/65R14 DEFENDER86TBSW 820 A B116844 
03050185/65R14 DEFENDER (GREEN X)86TBSW 820 A B11684490000
02715175/70R14 DEFENDER84TBSW 820 A B110244 
38540175/70R14 DEFENDER (GREEN X)84TBSW 820 A B11024490000
85842185/70R14 DEFENDER (GREEN X)88TBSW 820 A B12354490000
22613185/70R14 DEFENDER88TBSW 820 A B12354490000
21523185/70R14 DEFENDER (GREEN X)88TBSW 820 A B12354490000
24319195/70R14 DEFENDER (GREEN X)91TBSW 820 A B13564490000
12456195/70R14 DEVENDER91TBSW 820 A B135644 
58906195/70R14 DEFENDER (GREEN X)91TBSW 820 A B13564490000
71067P205/70R14 DEFENDER (GREEN X)93TBSW 820 A B14334490000
31599185/60R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)84TBSW 820 A B11024490000
58763185/60R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)84TBSW 820 A B11024490000
29461195/60R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)88TBSW 820 A B12354490000
02184195/60R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)88TBSW 820 A B12354490000
51440205/60R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)91TBSW 820 A B13564490000
03945215/60R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)94TBSW 820 A B14774490000
83567185/65R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)88TBSW 820 A B12354490000
44659185/65R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)88TBSW 820 A B12354490000
80082185/65R15 DEFENDER88TBSW 820 A B12354490000
15833185/65R15 DEFENDER88TBSW 820 A B12354490000
93957195/65R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)91TBSW 820 A B13564490000
10042195/65R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)91TBSW 820 A B13564490000
32737205/65R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)94TBSW 820 A B14774490000
36866205/65R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)94TBSW 820 A B14774490000
67722215/65R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)86TBSW 820 A B15654490000
28360215/65R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)96TBSW 820 A B15654490000
60418205/70R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)96TBSW 820 A B15654490000
60415205/70R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)96TBSW 820 A B15654490000
32345205/70R15 DEFENDER GREEN X96TBSW 820 A B 090000
76671215/70R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)98TBSW 820 A B16534490000
44124215/70R15 DEFENDER (GREEN X)98TBSW 820 A B16534490000
42622205/55R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)91HBSW 820 A B13564490000
12164205/55R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)91TBSW 820 A B13564490000
14026215/60R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)95TBSW 820 A B15214490000
29468215/60R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)95TBSW 820 A B15214090000
62178225/60R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)98TBSW 820 A B16534490000
73391225/60R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)98TBSW 820 A B16534490000
05408235/60R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)100TBSW 820 A B17644490000
48905215/65R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)98TBSW 820 A B16534490000
43472215/65R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)98TBSW 820 A B16534490000
02012225/65R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)100TBSW 820 A B17644490000
05573235/65R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)103TBSW 820 A B19294490000
30907235/65R16 DEFENDER (GREEN X)103TBSW 820 A B19294490000
38335225/50R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)94TBSW 820 A B14774490000
82333215/55R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)94TBSW 820 A B14774490000
27497215/55R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)94VBSW 820 A B14774480000
06444225/55R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)97TBSW 820 A B16094490000
58949235/55R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)99TBSW 820 A B17094490000
38545215/60R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)96TBSW 820 A B15654490000
06250215/60R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)96TBSW 820 A B15654490000
99901225/60R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)99TBSW 820 A B17094490000
10251225/60R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)99TBSW 820 A B17094490000
21467215/65R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)99TBSW 820 A B17094490000
09790215/65R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)99TBSW 820 A B17094490000
82305225/65R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)102TBSW 820 A B18744490000
20960225/65R17 DEFENDER (GREEN X)102TBSW 820 A B18744490000
86105225/50R18 DEFENDER (GREEN X)95TBSW 820 A B15214490000
37760215/55R18 DEFENDER (GREEN X)95TBSW 820 A B15214490000
82313225/55R18 DEFENDER (GREEN X)98TBSW 820 A B16534490000
¹ Load capacity in pounds (lbs)  |  ² Maximum inflation pressure in PSI